Data visualisation portfolio

My tenets

  • Tell the data's story

  • Keep signal-to-noise ratio high

  • Attention to detail

  • Code-based for flexibility and reproducibility

My tools 

  • R statistical environment (base plotting functions)

  • D3.js (still learning)

  • Gimp2 and Inkscape (where necessary)



Simultaneously show overall model results, interaction effect surfaces, site locations, trends in subgroups and dominant environmental gradient

Written in base R with some mapping libraries

100% code

Efficiently show NW-SE coastline by rotating map, show site clustering and age chronology models

Written in base R with some mapping libraries

100% code

Show seven sites, environmental clustering based on PCA, and plot cluster identity and position along each transect.

Written in base R with some mapping libraries

100% code

Show site locations, length of time series and time period.

Written in R with rgl package, output as raster.

Show labelled collaborative UQ connections.

Written in R with some mapping packages.


99% code-based (some manual movement of numbers in Inkscape).

Data Analysis


Two continuous response variables (x and y axes), each modelled as a function of the same two categorical variables.

Written in R, arrow points are custom function I wrote that makes shapes using polygon().

98% code-based, some movement of grey ellipses and labels in Inkscape.

Vectors emerging from (0,0), with density and average magnitude summarised by vector angle.

Written in R

100% code.

Pair correlation plots of continuous data of interactions with four-level categories. Top 10 points  on each axis highlighted and labelled. Use of colour gradients to highlight implications of off-diagonal points.

Written in R

98% code, labels moved in Inkscape.

Species trait dendrogram with clustering into 8 groups, along with distinguishing trait values for each cluster and mean diversity in four different forest categories.

Written in R.

100% code.



All original photos are licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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